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Alamo Residence

Alamo, California

This project was a major remodel of my own home. I wanted to create a juxtaposition between a traditional New England home’s clean lines, and the more modern elements of current architecture. I wanted it to be open, spacious, clean and welcoming. So, with the help of architectural designer Esther Suzuki Arnold, we gutted most of the interior. The outdated layout of small rooms and narrow hallways was replaced with 1,500 square feet of breezeway, allowing living, dining and kitchen spaces that flow from one room to the next. I also repeated colors and design motifs throughout the house, to create a sense of expansiveness by letting people’s eyes move easily from one room to the next. Choosing one main unifying color was a no-brainer; I chose white for its light, soothing qualities. But I added a sense of warmth and more visual consistency by installing chocolate walnut hardwood floors along with various warm woods used throughout the space.

Photography: Angie Silvy